And so it begins…

As you go about your business you suddenly hear a loud explosion at the center of the city. Curiosity draws you to the commotion.

When you arrive you see a two story building engulfed in flames with the roof top blown off. Debris is scattered throughout the pathways around the building.

You see several members of the city guard surrounding what remains of the only entrance to the building.

Suddenly one of them points into the burning building and starts to speak, but before he gets the chance, the flames lash out at him like a whip; surrounding his throat and lifting him off the ground. The flames strangle and burn him until he drops to the ground, dead.

The other guards are momentarily stunned and just as quickly a second guard is killed in the same manner.

The others find cover or raise their shields. One of the guards, a Wizard, casts several spells of protection around himself and some of the other guards.

Before he gets to the last guard however you hear a raging scream from inside the house and from the fire bursts out a woman, completely engulfed in flames, but apparently not harmed by them. As she screams and storms towards the yet unprotected guard, two tendrils of fire surround her fists and she whips them forward at the guard. The tendrils surround him and he screams as he is burned alive.

The woman, turns towards the others, as the dead guard falls to the ground behind her, and glares at them ruefully.

The mage casts several spells in her direction, but she easily blocks them with more fire. She retaliates with little success against the protections of the mage.

It appears a stalemate is reached as neither seems to be able to best the other…

Shadow's Mischief

raphael_friess Sharn   sci fi futuristic city cities art artwork 1920x1200